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Inno:vasion was founded with the aim to provide intelligent solutions to support decision making - particularly in the area of tendering.

Inno:vasion is an IT consulting company specializing in providing IT solutions and advice for contracting authorities.

Inno:vasion is behind the Danish e-Tendering system, ETHICS, but is not just a software company.

Our consulting business is specializing in public procurement and decision making processes, and is an important part of the business, as it helps to ensure the necessary expertise for the further development of our IT offerings.

In Inno:vasion we draw on a vast network of expertise with a total of more than 30 years of experience in process design, consultancy, decision support, public and private tenders and related national and international procurement regulations.

ETHICS history

  • ETHICS originally developed in close cooperation with the Dansih state attorney and the nation office for public procurement in Denmark
  • The application was in 2003 named one of the best solutions for improving european competitiveness in the EU
  • The development work is continued today in conjunction with system users and IBM
  • We participate, on behalf of the Danish Agency for Digitization as the Danish procurement system in the European Commission's pilot work (e-SENS) dealing with e-Tendring across EU borders

The development of the Danish e-Tendering system, ETHICS, started in end-90s in close cooperation with SKI. Since then we have solely been in charge of development as the use of ETHICS increased among several public and private entities. Among both our national and international customers there has been a constant focus on continuos improvement through development and maintenance of the system. This has helped ETHICS being voted one of the best solutions in the field in Europe among over 400 possible system. The reason was to include ETHICS allows the contracting authority to easily comply with applicable legislation while complex procurement processes are handled quickly and efficiently, with high transparency and subsequent confidence from the vendor.

Today, we continue to focus on development of the system, in cooperation with IBM with whom we cooperate on the European market.

Inno:vasion has signed in 2014 had an agreement with IBM and Danish Agency for Digitization to represent Denmark's interests and offer solutions in the EU Commission's pilot work in the field of e-Tendering. In completion of the pilot phase, the communication work group in e-SENS has published visual presentation of pilot results so fare.

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Contact Information :

Symbion Science Park
Fruebjergvej 3
2100 Copenhagen OE

Tel.: +45 7022 7007
Hotline: +45 7022 7008

Our managing partner :

Philip Mora-Jensen, Chief Executive Officer

Philip has a masters degree in e-Business from the IT University of Copenhagen(ITU) and a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Economics from Copenhagen Business School(CBS).

Inno:vasion is IBM Business Partner.