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We hope that these stories will inspire you how to use electronic tendering or auction in your business. The cases that we have selected show a variety of ways to apply the solution to a series of multiple sectors. If you have a good story, we’d like to hear from you – so that others can benefit from your experience.

It is also important that the vendors’s need to provide true, conditional bids is met so the bidding process can be adjusted to each vendor’s workflows.

Read what vendors who have submitted tenders in ETHICS said.

National Procurement (SKI): The portfolio of Framework Contracts for the Public Sector is managed by ETHICS

ETHICS was originally developed in partnership with SKI and put into use as early as 1999. SKI carries out call for tenders

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FBE – The Danish Defence Building Administration

Danish Defence Estates & Infrastructure Organisation (FBE) carries out restricted call for tendes on framework contracts for the maintenance of military buildings

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Smooth tendering of Electronic Patient Records (EHR) in Greenland

One of the major Information and Communication projects in the comprehensive ICT strategy accepted by the Greenland Government was a brand new

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Tendering for a new subscription system for Aller Media

When Aller Media – The largest publisher of magazines and newspapers in the Nordic Region – had to renew it’s subscription system

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The ICT organisation FKIT executes efficient sub-procedures

The Danish Defence IT Agency (FKIT) uses ETHICS largely for the many sub-procedures on existing framework agreements. FKIT coordinates the Danish Defence’s

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Slovakia uses ETHICS in all call for tenders

Already in 2006, the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications decided to acquire ETHICS as a tool for all public procurement in

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MOVIA buys public transportation services using negotiated procedure

MOVIA is the largest transportation company in the greater Copenhagen area and operates more than 570 bus lines and 9 local railroad

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