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Features / Overview

ETHICS is the market leading solution for electronic tenders and auctions in EU

The system offers features that enables contracting authorities to complete an effective and user friendly e-tendering process, while maintaining compliance with EU directives and national legislations.

Integrated ESPD service

ETHICS offers an integrated ESPD service, which allows contracting authorities and economic operator to work with the ESPD directly in the platform.

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e-Tendering process and procedure

ETHICS facilitates the entire tendering process - from tender project startup and prior information notice till contract agreement and contract award notice.

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System support for preparation of offers and responses to questionnaires

In ETHICS supported the preparation of quotations and answering questionairs via the questionnaire tool qDesigner which is included.

qDesigner can be used

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ETHICS controls all critical Deadlines

In ETHICS is tendering process supported by automatic deadlines.

Each tender is established with its own website, which includes tender notice publication,

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The evaluation process is supported by ETHICS – from simple to complex assessments

Already during the planning phase of each call for tender, criteria and sub-criteria are determined and – as it is indicated in the

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ETHICS ensures compliance with EU directives and national legislation

ETHICS has been developed in cooperation with the Legal Adviser to the Danish Government and the EU, and consequently there is a

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Tender notices are generated and sent to the EU and relevant media

ETHICS' notice creation and submission tool is approved as OJS e-Sender, and capable of publishing EU notices directly in TED. The feature ensures

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ETHICS supports Role based Access Rights – tailored to individual Responsibilities

ETHICS is able to handle a large spectre of different types of tenders – from small sub-procedures, where only the end user and

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Security and certification

Tender and offer documents for the most part contains sensitive information, why ETHICS is develop with special focus on delivering a high level

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ETHICS contains a library to ensure retrieval of all relevant documents

ETHICS contains a library in which to save the paradigms e.g. for questionnaires and other relevant tender documents, evaluation criteria and policies, regulations,

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