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Smooth tendering of Electronic Patient Records (EHR) in Greenland

One of the major Information and Communication projects in the comprehensive ICT strategy accepted by the Greenland Government was a brand new an country-wide EHR system. As the Health Authorities had already some experience with ETHICS it was decided to make the call for tenders in this system ETHICS with the support from Inno:vasion

Because of the large geographical distances between the individual units in Greenland Health Care and limited experience with large public contracts, it was decided to make a call for tenders covering existing standard systems, with an emphasis on good references, functionality, ease of use and the supplier’s strategy and skills to manage the implementation. The call for tender was completed in the spring of 2013 as a 2 -stage evaluation where the first phase was based on evaluation of the bids received. This phase was weighted 75 %, while the remaining 25% was implemented as user evaluation of the system among the received bids on electronic patient records.

User evaluation was conducted with the clinicians, who after a series of presentations of the systems had the opportunity to evaluate the systems from a variety of defined workflows.

The questionnaire that was used in the bidding process was developed in the solution, and the first phase of the evaluation therefore was conducted as a standard ETHICS evaluation using the EXCEL spreadsheet, which is the result of the merge of the questionaire responses. The project group had not previously participated in a ETHICS evaluation, but it went well with only limited assistance from Inno:vasion.

Greenland Department of Health and Infrastructure (SHV) and Greeland Health Care has now completed an extensive call for tenders based on ETHICS and where both specialists in the project as SHV ‘s clinicians have been directly involved in the evaluation. With the support of Inno:vasion the tender site with all related documentation, contract notice, handling of incoming questions and the process was completed ‘by the book’. With the result sheets the dialogue with the losing bidders could be conducted with a clear specification of the factors that contributed to them being deselected.

“The use of ETHICS provided us with a simple and easy to use method for comparing and evaluating the proposals from the suppliers. It helped us to carry out the process in a relatively short time frame and gave us a confident sence og reaching the correct result.” Vibeke Lund, EPR Project Manager at Greenland Health Authority pronounces.