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ETHICS is offered in many configurations and sizes. There is a differences between tenders. Some are extensive with complex requirements specifications, others are small, fast and agile. Our solutions support all types of call for tenders and we will therefore be able to offer a solution that is suitable for any organization – both in terms of functionality, capacity and delivery.

We offer ETHICS in 3 different ways:


  1. As a software package with associated license that the contracting authority can install on own server
  2. As an Internet service where ETHICS is hosted by Inno:vasion on behalf of the contracting authority
  3. As a single project for the settlement of an isolated tender

It requires further dialogue to find the most advantageous solution. You are very welcome to contact us and arrange a meeting where we jointly can identify your wants and needs – and to offer you the right solution at the right price.

We’d would appreciate a dialogue with you. Do you need process support? Do you want the solution hosted or do you want it installed on your own server?

Write or call us.

Philip Mora Jensen

Tele: +45 7022 7007 – @: