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Services from Inno:vasion – for contracting authorities and private companies

Inno:vasion, who developed the Danish tendering system, ETHICS, is not just a software company, but first and foremost a consultancy company specializing in public procurement and decision making. This means that we can offer a range of complementary consulting services for both public and private entities that carry out procedures, along with private vendors submitting a tender.

Facilitation of the procurement process

Completion of a tendering process can be an extensive process. The legislation requires the contracting authority to live up to a number of regulations, including the noticing, equal treatment, data security and more. It can be particularly challenging, as the process involves the exchange large amounts of information with the tender's many stakeholders. Proper settlement of the contract can therefore lead to high costs and high risk of contracting authority.

Inno:vasion offers to facilitate the process by which the contracting authority can focus on the subject in question, save resources for completion of the bidding process, and minimize the risk of error.

Examples of Inno:vasions services offered by facilitation of procedures:

  • Create electronic tenders in ETHICS
  • Develop market analysis
  • Plan the procurement process
  • Obtain specifications and information from specialists in a controlled process, which   resulting in resource savings
  • Establish and publish tender documents
  • Handle incoming questions incl. distribution to relevant persons in the contracting authority organization
  • Collect the answers to incoming questions and anonymize and publish them
  • Check whether the bidders submitted requests and/or offers are in conditional
  • Evaluation of tenders for the contracting authority in the preparation of intelligent result sheet using   of ETHICS for effective evaluation of requests received and/or offers
  • Obtain the correction of errors and omissions from vendors
  • Collect contract documents from suppliers and bidders for a total contract draft
  • Creation of electronic contract ETHICS
  • Invite all parties to sign as conclusion to the contracting process

In all of the above services is constantly focused on compliance with the applicable EU directives and national Vergabegesetz, as well as the highest level of data security.

Preparation of tender documents

Inno:vasion offers to develop all elements of tender documents through the entire tender process, including the preparation of:

  • All notices using ETHICS notice editor
  • Intelligent questionnaire for assessing suitability
  • Terms and conditions
  • Contract Draft
  • Requirements specification involving the entity's own specialists and possibly external competencies
  • Answer the bidders questions
  • We offer in addition to select other relevant documents and upload all materials to the supply side

We generally recommend that the customer taking advantage of structured questionnaires, the Inno:vasions survey tool qDesigner offers. For compiling the intelligent questionnaire to gather information regarding tenderer fitness, it's easy to order, to achieve effective assessment. Likewise, we recommend the development of intelligent questionnaire based on the requirements specification. By giving the bidder the opportunity to deliver structured deals, achieves entity opportunity to achieve significant savings in the evaluation process. ETHICS includes features for automatic analysis and processing of incoming structured answering the entity can use to get presented all offers in a single package.

Evaluation of tenders for the principal

When you receive offers information can herein be many diametrically opposed, it can be difficult to make rational decisions across the large amount of information. Inno:vasion offers to break down the information into manageable blocks, which makes it possible to view and make the right decisions. This is done by use of ETHICS' automatic intelligent generation of the result sheet, which ensure effective evaluation of requests received and/or offers. Through this process gives an accurate overview of where there are significant differences - and how much influence a given difference has on the overall result.

ETHICS' intelligent result sheet ensuring a transparent and intuitive decision-making process, which gives the order allows to be fully justified in rejecting the bidder. When the rejected bidders get an accurate and credible understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in the assessed offer, minimizing the risk of complaints significantly.

Procurement Technical advice

Inno:vasion offer offering technical advice to the contracting entity throughout the bidding process.

We have years of experience with the settlement of everything from large, complex offerings with comprehensive tender documents and hundreds of bidders for smaller procurements by simple acquisitions.

We offer insight into the best Practices in the field - regardless of the entity situation.

Technical hotline

Inno:vasion provides technical hotline in connection with the tender held in ETHICS - for both client and tenderers. Hotline available in Danish and English by consultants, in addition to technical knowledge also expertise in electronic procurement. Although the hotline is only technical and consultant therefore not allowed to speak about the tender proceedings, it may be reassuring for the offeror to obtain a person in speech, who understand tenderer's challenges.