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Slovakia uses ETHICS in all call for tenders

Already in 2006, the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications decided to acquire ETHICS as a tool for all public procurement in Slovakia. Anti-corruption, transparency and compliance with EU rules were key issues for the Slovak government. Inno:vasion assisted, along with IBM, the government in establishing urad pre verejné obstarávanie – Office for Public Procurement (UVO).

All state authorities in Slovakia are obliged to implement their call for tenders, sub-procedures and auctions electronically in ETHICS. This means that each year many thousands of tenders and auctions are carried out. In Slovakia, the final step in a call for tender is very often implementation of an e-auction. In ETHICS’ auction module it is possible to create auctions based on both award criterions “lowest price” as the “most economically advantageous tender” because auctions make it possible to make several sub-criterias subject to competition at the same time.

ETHICS includes a tender overview to which public authorities can make a link. The responsible tender consultant can here decide and update the status of each tender – he does not need to involve IT specialists or WebManager. From the tender overview is direct access to each tender site and the relevant notices and regulations for each particular procedure.

In Slovakia a special ETHICS encryption tool is used in which bidder encrypts his offer before it is uploaded. Only after the deadline for submitting tenders the bidders send the “key” to the contracting authority. Thus, the bidder shall have assurance that the contracting authority cannot open bids before the deadline. ETHICS never allows that the contracting authority has access to the tenders received before the deadline for tenders, but by using encryption tool the bidder has the assurance that it is not happening. As previously Eastern European Country Slovakia has close attention to corruption, and the use of ETHICS ensures that all rules (including EU’s procurement Directive) are met.

The extensive use of ETHICS ‘ auction module leads to very attractive bids received – and Slovakia, like many other ETHICS customers, experience a marked improvement in efficiency in the planning and implementation of call for tenders, and has simultaneously benefitted from the opportunities in ETHICS to customize the solution for the country’s special rules and interpretation of EU’s procurement directive.

A particular advantage for Slovakia is that in ETHICS where is at any time is a complete overview of all ongoing, planned and recently completed tenders.